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Independence Day 1776 Style

1776 will be playing a show on Independence Day, July 4th, at Rontoms in SE Portland.  What makes this party cool is not the obvious cracks about the year of our nation”s independence coinciding with one of today”s hottest bands going, although I”m sure some of you may be chuckling. No, the news that joining the Sixers will label mate and returning champion Logan Lynn, and our newest World Beater, The Hugs.  This is a bigtime shindig you will be talking about for years, but not if you miss it. Your kids don”t need to hear about how on July 4 2010 you were to Sauvie”s Island.  Boring.  Come to Rontoms and see some history.

4 July 2010
Logan Lynn
The Hugs
600 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214
Logan Lynn
The Hugs
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The Upsidedown Human Destination Vinyl Party June 25th

The Upsidedown will be having a party in celebration of the vinyls release of their 2008 album Human Destination on June 25th with a show at Portland”s Someday Lounge.  Artist Robert Hardgrave, whose painting ”Catherdal” serves as the cover for Human Destination, will make an appearance at the show, painting live during the performance.

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Logan Lynn & The Gentry Tour Kick-Off May 2

If you have been following Logan Lynn”s Tweets the past few months, you may have noticed that he mentions going band rehearsal a lot, and it strikes you that, “wait, what, does Logan play with a full band?”  On May 27th, at Doug Fir in Portland, you will find out.

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The Hugs, 1776 First Thursday Performance May 6

If you are in Portland this Thursday, come up to NW for First Thursday at Portland Photostudio.  Along with art by Cat Coats and Victor St. Petersburg, you can enjoy Beat The World bands The Hugs, 1776, and DJ Rescue (Zia from the Dandys.) Portland Photostudio is at 917 NW 19th Ave and the party starts at 6:30.  And just because I live in the neighborrhood, let me tell you, parking is a bitch, especially on First Thursday.  Think about taking taking the streetcar up, if you can.

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Spindrift European Tour

Hey, looks like Spindrift will be on tour with our old friends BRMC in May.  And it”s in Europe, which is a big deal.

Mon May 17, 2010 Vienna at Vienna Open Air Arena with BRMC
Tues May 18, 2010 Salzburg at Rockhouse with BRMC
Wed May 19, 2010 Luxembourg at Den Atelier with BRMC
Fri May 21, 2010 Prague at Sasazu with BRMC
Sun May 23, 2010 Warsaw at Stodola with BRMC
Mon May 24, 2010 Berlin at Bassy
Tues May 25, 2010 Copenhagen at Lades
Wed May 26, 2010 Aahurus at Train with BRMC
Thu May 27, 2010 Malmo at KB with BRMC
Fri May 28, 2010 Stockholm at Nalen with BRMC
Sat May 29, 2010 Gothenburg at Brewhouse with BRMC


Fathead DeBoer Solo Effort “The Farmer”

The Dandys Brent DeBoer (you might call him Fathead) has a collection of tunes out today called THE FARMER, and even though it”s on his own Headness Records, we want you to gobble it up.

Enclosed in this record are songs Fathead wrote and recorded over the past several years with help from old friend Brian “Coatsie” Coates. The record is for sale at right now, and a ortion of the proceeds got to MS research.  We hope you can pick up this record, we think it”s great.

Brent DeBoer - The Farmer (2010)

video for YOU WIN, by Mike Bruce